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What exactly is it? What am I getting when I purchase from Hypno-Ride?

Hypno-Ride currently offers one product (more are in development). "Confidence Building for the Equestrian" is a 20-minute long mp3 audio file. After your purchase, you will receive an email with a link to download the mp3 file. Once you download it, it will be yours and you can listen to it as many times as you would like! The recording was produced by a licensed hypnotherapist and is designed to train your unconscious mind to give you more confidence in the saddle.

Do I listen to it while I'm riding?

No. Hypno-Ride recordings are designed to be listened to at a time when you can get into a state of deep relaxation. They should not be listened to while you are riding your horse or driving a car. The experiences that you have in your subconscious mind while you are listening to the recording will help you the next time you are in the saddle.

Is Hypno-Ride designed for a specific discipline of riding?

No. Hypno-Ride is for all riders, regardless of discipline. We specifically avoided using terms like "lope" or "canter". Your mind will fill in the blanks for you and visualize yourself riding in whatever your discipline of choice is.

I'm not scared of my horse. That means I won't get anything from this right?

Wrong! Confidence can mean a lot of things, not just a lack of fear. Visualizing yourself riding the way you want to ride is a powerful tool, regardless of whether or not fear is involved. Perhaps balancing your horse just right in the canter has been a challenge. Maybe you find it difficult to nail the turn around a barrel or to set up just right for a jump. If you can visualize yourself doing it well while in the state of deep relaxation induced by hypnosis, your brain will form new neural pathways in much the same way as it would if you had actually physically done it. The next time you're riding, your mind will have the memory of riding it successfully, giving you extra confidence to really ride it that way. Your mind will feel like you can do it, because it will remember having done it before. That's the power of visualization.

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